Our Crazy (2010)

by The Peeps

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released March 31, 2010



Recorded at Madd Labs Studio
Produced by Zubin Ramnani
Engineered by Phillip Consorti
Mastered at West West Side by Alan Douches

All art & music ©2009-2010 THE PEEPS



all rights reserved


The Peeps New York


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Track Name: Odisea
Moments ago I danced among the living, now in pieces I lay in a hospital bed. And I say Oh my brother we shared the fresh cold, stumble down onto Yates with blocks to go. Then four blurry strangers their fists clenched and dangling and behind their eyes their hazardous minds. Then my nightmare begins between their shoes and earth and my teeth swim in blood like alphabet soup.

Odisea, Odisea por favor no mas.
15 Years you'll be counting the days since that holiday
Track Name: The Sun
Why must I ply on the very land where my ancestors buried themselves alive?
"Tell me son when you were young did you work the fields to the rhythm of the sun like I did in my day?"
No father but i did my best to beat my chest and court the rest of the women left in this town.
It's not enough it's got me down it's not enough I'm leaving town. Erase my name from your black book.
Is it true what they say about the south? That everybody's looking for a way out?

The exit to the cave is all I think about...It's a bit obsessive, you blow my candle out.
You want to know what I think?
Track Name: So you wanna know who?
So you wanna know who?

If I know you, and we both know damn well I do, this is a one way ticket to regret.
So call back your boys from their barb wire fences and the trenches they dug so deep like graves.

So you wanna know...

And I won't lie i told them everything they asked for amidst the argumentative one-sided banter I gave away your name...
And heartbreak remains and memories become stains and you've built yourself a grave.
Track Name: Bones
I sleep on the floor tonight of every famous tourist site.
I will never allow the likes of you to safely watch my world pass by

but how am I to believe that you'll be the one to rescue me?

These are my bones, they're all I've known, and they're made of concrete so you better stick with me

And my veins they are these roads. They drip from my brain down to my toes.
So I know where you're coming from and I know where you've been you can sit and pray all night buy you know you're here to sin..
Track Name: Lucia
OH LUCIA! I'd really like to meet you, (perhaps, between the sheets, where I'm sure your looking your best.) Stop-signs never meant a thing to me and you, and its true! You can tell by the red lights flashing in your broken rear view mirror, OH LUCIA! I read the scripts on the bathroom stalls; the dry literature of the inner city curse around you, OH NO empty bottles like empty promises lurking in every corner, oh say it aignt so! There must be somekind of mistake, this hardly constritutes as my place. I wrote with marker on her head, "I'm sure it was great. PS - Don't feel bad." I WAS DRUNK BUT YOU WERE IN LOVE, OH LUCIA I'M BREAKING YOUR HEART, I WAS DRUNK BUT YOU WERE IN LOVE, OH LUCIA YOU'RE BREAKING MY HEART. the down stairs neighbor climbing through your telephone (OH LUCIA! OH OH I NEED YA!) "You're tearing down my walls while I'm dying here alone!" (OH LUCIA! OH OH I NEED YA!) there must be some kind of mistake, he's getting home far too late and all the pictures on his wall, they don't have her, No Not At All.
Track Name: Musketeers
LA LALA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA 1 2 1 2 LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA L ALA LA LA LA LA LAAAAA, He got up got outta bed he wiped the bugs from off his head they tried all night to eat his brain. He got dressed and got fed by the girl from down the hall, who aignt pretty at all but he can't complain LA LALA LA LA LA LA LA L A LAA LA LALA LA LAAA 1 2 1 2 LAAA LALA LA LA LA LA LA LAA LA LA LA LA LA LAAA There's a knock at his door is the noc-nocturnal police force they've come to take him away. So he jumped out his window and he fell to his death and the girl; from down the hall didn't think at all and jumped too!